Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Gambling is more prominently a form of recreation that can be both fun and rewarding. Max855 team firmly believes that the decision to gamble should always be a personal choice and NOT one made under any pressure from others. Our priority is to ensure the best online gaming experience for all our Players. Making that happen requires effort on our part as well as responsible gaming on the part of each Player.

Never ever gamble if:

You are not of the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction.
It distracts you from doing your work or fulfilling responsibilities.
You are recovering from addictive disorders or dependencies.
You are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
You are attempting to cover prior gambling losses.
Gambling is viewed by many as a recreational activity. It is mostly a fun and harmless way to escape the monotony of everyday life as well as to pass the time. However, there is a small minority of gamblers for whom this activity has become more than a little troublesome. Compulsive gamblers with an addiction have tarnished the positive image of both of online and land-based gaming businesses. Like their land-based gaming counterparts, the Max855 team is well trained and equipped to spot and identify the troubling signs of compulsive gambling in its players. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and top-notch gaming environment for all but at the same time, also help people who are in need of our assistance. Max855 believes in providing quality service by being both socially conscientious and compliant to the wishes of our good-intentioned players.

In line with this intention to assist players who feel that they need to close their WGW93 account, or other options to limit their game spending such us putting a limit with their wagers and deposits that can either be through amount limit or count, feel free to contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance.

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